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The Pond Freestyle Information
All of our ice sessions are 40 minutes in duration. Below are the times that will be offered year round. Additional times and dates will be posted to our web site and available in our lobby as they become available.

2017 Freestyle Schedule - FALL

2017-2018 Freestyle Schedule WINTER

2018 Freestyle Schedule - SPRING

2018 Freestyle Schedule - SUMMER

Flat Rate - FALL (August 21, 2017 thru November 22, 2017)
Flat Rate - WINTER (November 27, 2017 thru February 23, 2018)
Flat Rate - SPRING (February 26, 2018 thru June 01, 2018)
Flat Rate - SUMMER (June 04, 2018 thru August 17, 2018) Flat Rate - ANNUAL (August 21, 2017 thru August 17, 2018)


Session Pricing

Walk-on Fee $13.00 per session
Additionally Swipe Cards may be purchased at 10 sessions for $100.00

Ice sessions typically occur on the Olympic Rink. All skaters must sign in/pay fee at the Rink front office before taking the ice. The Pond also offers our coaches for private lessons. For more information about private lessons or a specific coach or program, please contact our Figure Skating Director Suzy Semancik at: or 302.266.0777, ext. 12.

* Indicates ice resurface scheduled, however if deemed necessary by The Pond ice resurface schedule may be altered due to demand.

Schedule is non-negotiable. Sessions are subject to change upon extenuating circumstances. Sessions may be limited to specific number of skaters for any particular session. Safety is our main concern.


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