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How do I know which class to sign up for?
Children ages 3-6 start in the Beginner Tot classes. Skaters ages 6 and up will be placed in the IS Pre-Alpha-Delta Preparation Classes (prerequisite: Tot 4 or age 6)Skaters who are currently enrolled in Learn to Skate classes will be placed in the next level up when they have met the requirements of the current level. Let us know whether this will be the skater's first time on ice. Parents who want to learn how to skate with their preschool age children can also register for a class.

Learn more about I.S.I. (Ice Skating Institute) We Skate classes.

How do I sign up for Learn to Skate classes?
Come to The Pond or call (302)266-0777. Or visit the Learn to Skate page or the Figure Skating page for more information.

What do I do on my first day of class?
Arrive early. The Pond Skating Director Suzy Semanick will introduce you to your Learn to Skate coach.

What do I wear?
Dress in layers because you will warm up as you skate and all skaters must wear gloves/mittens. Wear long pants or tights are recommended. Snowplow Sam skaters and all children ages six and under are required to wear helmets and should wear water-resistant pants as they sit on the ice a lot. Bicycle or hockey equipment is fine and must be supplied by the parents. Helmets are not available for rent.

Do I need my own skates?
You do not need your own skates for Learn to Skate classes or public skating. Rental skates are available, tell the attendant at the cashier counter. If you decide to continue skating, you may want to purchase your own skates.
Figure skates are recommended for first time skaters to provide ample support for the ankles.

How do I tie my skates?
Skates should fit snug and be tied tightly. Do not wrap the laces around the ankle and wear one thin pair of socks.

How often should I practice?
It is recommended that skaters practice at least one other time per week. Please check our monthly calendarfor public skating hours and open freestyle availability. The Pond skating coaches are available for private lessons.

When should I buy my own ice skates?
If you decide to continue skating you can purchase your own skates in our pro shop.


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